Sunday, April 29, 2012

ျမန္မာႏုိင္ငံထဲက မြတ္စလင္ေတြ ဘာလဲ..ဘယ္လဲ

 ျမန္မာ႔ေရေျမမွာၾကီးျပီး ျမန္မာအစားအစာေတြစား၊ ျမန္မာႏုိင္ငံက ပညာေတြသင္၊ ျပီးေတာ႔ တိုင္းျပည္ကို ဘဂၤလီလက္ထဲကိုေရာင္းစားတဲ႔ ကုလားမ ေ၀ႏွင္းပြင္႔သုန္

ျမန္မာႏုိင္ငံထဲမွာေနတဲ႔ မြတ္စလင္ေတြ တိုင္းျပည္အေပၚ ဘယ္ေလာက္ သစၥာရွိလဲဆိုတာ ျပန္ဆန္းစစ္ျပီး ျပင္းျပင္းထန္ထန္ အေရးယူဖို႔ လိုအပ္ေနပါျပီ။ ဘဂၤလီကိစၥမွာ ျမန္မာႏုိင္ငံထဲမွာ ဘိုးေဘးဘီဘင္ အစဥ္အဆက္ေနလာတဲ႔ မြတ္စလင္ဘာသာ၀င္ေတြက အားေပးအားေျမွာက္လုပ္ေနတာ ေတြ႔ေနရပါတယ္။ FB လုိေနရာ၊ ေကာ္မန္႔ Box ေတြမွာ ေရးသားေနတာ ဒီေကာင္ေတြပါပဲ။ တကယ္႔ဘဂၤလီက ျမန္မာစာရုိက္တတ္ဖို႔မေျပာနဲ႔ စကားေတာင္ မေျပာႏုိင္ပါဘူး။ ကဲ... ျမန္မာႏုိင္ငံမွာ ႏွစ္ေပါင္းမ်ားစြာေနလာတဲ႔ မြတ္စလင္ေတြရဲ႕ ႏိုင္ငံအေပၚမွာထားတဲ႔ သစၥာေစာင္႔သိမႈက ဘာလဲ။

 ေ၀ႏွင္းပြင္႔သုန္၏ ဖခင္ ၈၈ မ်ိဳးဆက္ေက်ာင္းသား မြတ္စလင္ဘာသာ၀င္ ကိုျမေအး
NyiToe Aung


Anonymous said...

Dear Myanmar brothers and sisters, We, myanmar, do have this danger of muslims people. In my town, Meikitla, has a lot of mosques and muslims people. I feel this is so ungraceful. As we all know,muslim people are dedicated to muslim religion only. They will not contribute to the society to get peace and harmony. We cannot expect them as a Myanmar citizen. Instead, they will consider for their religion only. We should not be so magnanimous to understand and train them to be better to the society. Better don't take time to quarrel with them. They are too low to fight with us. We should survey their real condition well and we should figure out how to handle this case with righteous attitude for our society and for our generation. I feel those people are just danger to our peace and to our society. We all myanmar need to be united every time to protect our country against them. We all aware of sense of danger of those muslims people in our country. As majority of people are Buddhists, we are too soft. They surely take advantage of this. If our fence is not fit, those dogs will come in. I wish ,as soon as possible, we myanmar can work out a sound plan to handle the danger of those dangerous muslim people. Please be strong!

Anonymous said...

ကိုးကြယ္မွဳကေတာ့ မပါတ္သတ္ေပမယ့္ ျမန္မာႏိုင္ငံအေပၚ သစၥာေဖာက္တာကေတာ့ နာက်င္စရာပါပဲ။ ေက်းဇူးကန္းတယ္ဆိုတာ ဒါပဲေပါ့။ ျမန္မာႏို္င္ငံေပၚ သစၥာေစာင့္သိရမယ့္အစား၊ ဘာသာေပၚကိုပဲ သစၥာေစာင့္သိခ်င္ၾကတာကိုး။

Anonymous said...

This case should not be neglected for the reason of a small one or unimportant one. Not only government has the duty to handle this case, but also every Myanmar citizen should have responsibility to safeguard our culture, our religious and our generation from those islamization. There are some examples in Western countries. In Denmark, Somalia Muslim immigrants are the people demonstrating on the streets yelling 'Denmark go to hell',' Islam is coming to Denmark', 'Sharia for Denmark'? Those immigrants were accepted as Humanitarian refugees and they asked for help from Denmark.When they receive help,and then freely rape women and protest against democracy, rights and other religious. UK is now facing the same challenging problem.When Labor Party's open door policy was allowed ,Muslim immigrant numbers had grown up to 7 millions in 2010 from 3.8 millions in 1993. Because of the huge impact of Labor's mass immigration policy, Muslim immigration has changed the face of British face faster than any other country. Some British people hate Mr.Blare, the former Prime Minister, for his policy. As for Myanmar, we cannot accept the same thing which will happen in our country because of wrong political policy even though changing into democratization country. Until now Muslim population is round about 3 million in Myanmar. Who can say those Muslim population will shoot up to 10 million from 3 million within 10 years in Myanmar if you support those Muslims?