Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Letter to Thomas Fuller, NY Times

Dear Thomas Fuller,

Many of my friends are muslims in Primary School, High School and University. We did not fight each other. Use your brain and think, "why?". All of my muslim friends believed in their heart that this is our country, this is our land, this is our friends. Those Rhingya who are firing in Rakhine state are not like our muslim friends.

They knew that this is not their land. They only want to extend their terrorists emperor.

Did you know how many of Burmese people died under rohingya terrorist attack since last a few decades?

You can not know more than those who live in our country, Myanmar. If you do not know, if you are not sure, please do not write anything.

If you really value human rights, please stop creating conflicts between Buddhisms and Muslims. Please differentiate between Rohingya-terrorists and Muslims.

Now, you are destroying human rights by creating conflicts.

Stop Creating Conflicts between Buddhisms and Muslims.

Michael Wang at 07:39