Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Rohingyas are not Myanmar Muslims, they are Illegal Immigrants

There are over 100 races living in Myanmar. But Rohingya is not one of them. Besides, there has never been such word as Rohingya in Myanmar history. So, who are Rohingyas? They are simply Bengalis. They are from Bangladesh. If someone doubts it, I would like to welcome him for a DNA test.

The history of Rohingyas is worse than the Palestinians because they were abandoned by their own mother land, Bangladesh. No other race in the world will be as pitiful as Rohingyas, the abandoned Begalis. They have been living around the border area between Bangladesh and Rakhine, a western state of Myanmar. Moving from places to places where more favorable working conditions were present, they have been sitting on the fence between Bangladesh and Myanmar. Thanks to loose immigration control at the border area for several decades, they managed to acquire both citizenships for Bangladesh and Myanmar. When Bangladesh became more and more crowded due to population explosion, and less and less fortunate enough to find a suitable living, Rohingyas came to choose the Rakhine State as their permanent dwelling place. Add to this, their ambition did not stop there. The homeless people is now finding a new step-mother, Myanmar.

Rohingyas are shouting at the top of their voice, ” We are Myanmars.” ” We are Myanmars.” I would like to reply to their shouts in the same degree of noise. “NO WAY, ROHINGYAS!” You are not Myanmars. We will never accept that you are Myanmars. Blood is blood. Race is race. You can never change it. Rohingya issue was caused by the presence of a bad neighbor which is Bangladesh. It has been a burden for Myanmar as she herself has to deal with her own internal problems. Rohingyas are homeless; and they are orphans. Myanmar is like an orphanage house to those Rohingyas. I would like to repeat the main reason for their misfortune is that their mother country has abandoned them. So, why do the international community want to point their fingers at Myanmar? It is very very ridiculous. They should even thank Myanmar for allowing Rohingyas to stay inside Myanmar although they are not Myanmar citizens. We are nothing to do with Rohingyas.

Myanmar is just a scapegoat to be blamed upon. From humanity point of view, we absolutely feel sympathized with Rohingyas because they are Bengalis and human-beings. But from national point of view, we cannot bear the presence of Rohingyas and various troubles made by them in the Rakhine state. Racial issue is one example. The natives of Rakhine State, Rakhines, are leaving for inner Myanmar and abroad for more prospects of living conditions. At the same time, eac Rohingya is taking a maximum of 4 wives and having a dozen of children without any control. While native Rakhine population growth is stable, Rohingya population is growing very, very fast at an unacceptable rate.

Now, Rohingyas are swallowing the Rakhine State! Maybe someday they might even swallow the whole Myanmar, too. We understand that this issue cannot be solved very easily. All willing international organizations should consider how to help the situations; for example, is it possible to migrate Rohingyas to other places in the world? Is it possible to persuade Bangladesh to accept her own citizens? But there may not be a reasonable and realistic solution to it, I think. Amidst those critical situations, Rohingyas are now showing themselves to the world as they are terrorists by destroying the villages and killing native Rakhine people. Under such circumstances, what can you expect Myanmar Government to do? Rohingyas’ plan is like a time-bomb which is aimed to explode at the targeted time. This is a transition period for Myanmar from long military rule to democratic government.

The Government may not wish to respond very aggressively. Similarly, Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, the nobel laureate, is planning to visit Europe and receive the award. She may not wish a bloody conflict inside Myanmar at this auspicious time, too. Rohingyas are now pushing Myanmar Government and Daw Aung San Suu Kyi into very very tight situation at the stake of their lives. The mouth of International media is eagerly watering to exploit this resulting incident.

We have millions of Myanmar Muslims living together peacefully with the rest of nation. However, we cannot treat Rohingyas equally as our brothers, Myanmar Muslims. Simply because Myannmar Muslims are Myanmars while Rohingyas are just foreigners. Now we can say, Rohingyas are invaders: they are terrorists who are attacking our own people. In short, I’d like to say “We don’t want Rohingyas.” But, how to solve this problem is beyond my knowledge, I confess. Anyway, one thing is for sure. We, the people of Myanmar despite their difference in various faiths namely, Buddhism, Christianity or Islam, will firmly stand together with unity behind the actions to be taken by Myanmar Government. Sorry, Rohingyas. (And sorry, International Media, too) If you want to blame, JUST blame your mother country. Sometimes, bloody ending may be an option which we cannot exclude entirely.